Holistic Health/Therapies/Energy Healing/Bodywork



Bonnie has a degree in Biology/majored in dental hygiene, has obtained multiple alternative modality certifications and currently continues her alternative education for additional certifications.

As a doTERRA wellness advocate, yoga/holistic therapist, Reiki Master, Master body-worker and an ordained minister, she has the experience, passion and commitment to assit individuals/groups through their health and well being goals.  

Bonnie’s alternative/holistic/intuitive therapies appeals to those seeking the Eastern-body-mind-spirit approach to health and wellness while uniquely working with the emotional plane.  She states that at the age of seven her God given gifts of hands on energy work became apparent when her very ill Nana came to live with her.  Bonnie lovingly cared for her Nana giving her back/feet masages, brushed her hair/dentures and gave her many hugs.  

Bonnie's Western approach medical career officially started in 1980 as a candy striper, in 1982 she became an LNA and in 1984 a dental assistant.  She became a registered dental hygienist in 1987 and started to include the Eastern approach into her life and dental hygiene career in 1992.

So why/how did  "The Eastern approach" to life enter Bonnie's life?  It started when her marriage of 15 years became diseased.  Her world turned dark, her body/mind and spirit was hijacked by her past/present and future "victim" emotional state which sunk her to the bottom of her HOLE!  She turned to her Western based doctors who perscribed drugs for depression which only made her body feel worse and her brain numb.  Then one of Bonnie's human angles (a person who gives love and light unconditionally to others) inquired why the sparkle in her eyes was fading and she was not her happy self anymore?  That's when the angle work happened..."come join me as my guest at my yoga class" she said...that was the first day of Bonnie's (w)hole new life!   

When the mind is in a dis ease(disease) state for example anxiety, depression and stress your body becomes diseased.  Bonnie’s alternative holistic approach to therapy is cellualar for her!  Using a discovery session/whole body mapping/regular spa session and home play her holistic/alternative approach she can assist you with; balancing your energy, relaxing your mind and body, and work with you to clear your physical and emotional centers to help you find your BLISS! 

Bonnie's therapies includes;


-Aromatherapy/Essential Oil Well Being and Vitality

-AromaTouch Technique

-Chakra Balancing

-Crystal/Gemstone Therapy

-Sound/Music Therapies


Kundalin Yoga private sessions- By Appointment

Meditation Classes-see studio class schedule

Ordained Minister Services-coming soon

Reiki Level I, II and Master Classes-TBD

(W)hole life Journey Classes-TBD

Yoga Nidra Classes-TBD

Spa Events-see spa event scheduler